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Professional Development

Leverage the potential of your team or Board.

Mountain Range

People are an organization’s greatest asset. Investing in their development:

  • adds valuable knowledge and skills

  • increases motivation and engagement

  • boosts job satisfaction and retention

Leader as Coach


Improving Workplace Engagement

Applying the DiSC™ Assessment

Understanding and Applying Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Strengths-based Goal Setting

Planning Retreats

Imparts coaching skills that are proven to help leaders get better business results.

Customized to your organization’s needs.

Connects team members to the meaning they derive from their work, identifies impediments to joy and steps to shape a more joyful workplace.

Facilitates better communication and stronger working relationships by helping team members understand each others’ behavioral styles. Includes assessment and comprehensive report for each  participant.

Provides the business case for EQ and an overview of 26 EQ competencies.  Includes the SEIP™ emotional intelligence assessment for each participant and comprehensive report for each participant.

Identifies and helps team members leverage strengths. When employees are encouraged to set goals based on their strengths, they are seven times more likely to be engaged in their work.

Facilitation services for Boards, teams, and other working groups. Is it time to raise some hard questions and plan strategically for the future? The quality and progress of an organization is dependent on the quality of the questions it asks and the wisdom generated through fruitful dialogue.


​Ward Leadership offers targeted opportunities for professional development:

“Ward Leadership created a very fertile environment to go offline and, in a targeted and focused way, come to agreement about a core strategic direction. Sally’s expertise and interpersonal style were immensely helpful to me and my staff in architecting the best way to use the time of a group of very intense and busy people.”

President, Economic Development Organization

“The feedback from our leadership team retreat has been outstanding and very productive. I cannot stress enough how timely this work was.”

Director of People

“Thank you for speaking to our group about increasing employee engagement. Excellent program. You made participation easy. I loved that you were able to give us all some specific takeaways to begin utilizing right away in our practices.”

President, Medical Group Management Association

“The Leader as Coach training is a terrific way to augment a human resources function at any organization that’s interested in empowering staff to hold themselves and others accountable.  It recognizes that sometimes they only need someone to ask powerful questions and be an active listener to help guide them to being more accountable for their behavior. It helps an organization achieve outcomes based upon maximizing our most valuable natural resource, our employees.”

VP, Human Resources/Organization Development

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