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What would it look like to step into your full potential?
What would be different?

Mountain Range

Ward Leadership provides 1:1 tailored leadership coaching for senior leaders, managers, emerging leaders and small business owners. The benefits of more effective leadership skills accrue not only to the individual but to his or her team or organization.


Explore new pathways to drive success!

Leadership coaching with Ward Leadership can help:

  • sharpen communication skills

  • effectively manage interpersonal relationships

  • navigate difficult conversations

  • build confidence and executive presence

  • increase emotional intelligence (EQ)

  • develop greater resilience and capacity to moderate stress

  • encourage a team or direct reports to think for themselves

  • adopt a coaching leadership style

  • foster an environment where people are engaged and appreciated

“Sally has helped me identify and use my unique strengths to lead. She has guided me through the process of forming meaningful alliances and helped me conceptualize plans for managing change in a complex organization. She has helped me manage stress, take time for myself and my family, and she has taught me the art of appreciation. Best of all, she gives me the space and permission to THINK and plan for my personal and professional development in addition to planning for my organization’s future.”

CEO, Healthcare organization

Questions you may be asking

“I gained a great deal more confidence, especially when it came to marketing myself and my business. I am more confident when I work with clients and when I talk about my business.  These attitudes have conveyed ‘security’ to our clients – something they crave and expect from a financial service provider.”

K.L., Co-owner

Is coaching right for me?

If you want to accelerate professional growth, are willing to put in the work, open to straight feedback, and would value a thinking partner to help you move forward, you’re an ideal candidate.

What should I expect from one-to-one coaching?
You can count on a safe, supportive, confidential environment with coaching that’s tailored to your individual goals. We’ll focus on your potential, your current and desired impact, and the outcomes you wish to achieve. You’ll gain greater self-awareness, ‘out’ the obstacles that may be holding you back , and plan real-time strategies and steps to implement between coaching sessions.

What’s the difference between coaching and mentoring?
A coach listens and asks powerful questions that spur you to think deeply and differently in order to unlock your full potential. Coaches are experts in getting people where they need and want to be. The coaching relationship is based on specific goals and includes regularly scheduled sessions. A mentor shares the benefit of his or her experience in a particular industry; the relationship is generally informal.

Where and how will coaching take place?
Most sessions will take place by phone or Zoom and be scheduled for mutual convenience. When conditions permit, some meetings may be held in person. The length of the coaching engagement and frequency of sessions is dependent upon the goals of each client.

How will I know if Ward Leadership is a good fit?
When you book a complimentary discovery call, we’ll talk about your situation and challenges and what you wish to achieve or change. Think of it a test drive for us to see if we want to work together.

“Ward Leadership has been very helpful in addressing the isolation I feel as a CEO. The coaching inquiry process of questioning, talking through issues and looking at different perspectives has enabled me to develop my own solutions. Sally is very good at getting accountability to solidify the discussion and close the loop. I leave calls with a game plan that leads to action and results.”

C.P., Nonprofit CEO

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