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The more information one has about strengths, perceived impact, and areas for growth, the greater the opportunity to step into full potential.

Mountain Range

Assessments provide valuable information and insights to increase self-awareness and personal effectiveness. The debrief and review process with Ward Leadership ensures that each individual or team fully understands, clearly interprets and can apply the results.

Ward Leadership offers these assessments:



Social & Emotional Intelligence Profile (SEIP™)


Helps improve teamwork, communication and productivity. DiSC enables individual team members to understand their own behavioral styles and how to interact effectively with colleagues whose styles differ.  Administered online.

Measures 26 distinct competencies which are often referred to as people skills. Social and emotional intelligence is more than twice as predictive of business performance and who becomes a leader as IQ. Unlike IQ, EQ can be learned and improved. Administered online.

Collects feedback from supervisors, peers, direct reports, customers and others. Ward Leadership offers the choice of an online multi-rater 360 or a direct interview process.

“I’m amazed at the wealth of information the assessment provided. The process was positive and affirming. I’m grateful for this opportunity to develop my leadership.”

Operations Manager

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