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Self Appraisal Boosts Career Satisfaction

Periodic self appraisal can unlock greater career clarity and satisfaction. If you manage others, the same questions yield fruitful coaching conversations. ►What are your strengths? How satisfied are you that these are utilized in your current role?

►What kind of work environment allows you to function best? (pace, physical environment, working alone or with others, degree of complexity, competition, other)

►Under what circumstances are you most productive?

►What are your biggest time bandits?

►What changes would help you be more in control of your day?

►What values are important to you in your workplace?

►Which parts of your work energize you? drain you?

►What percentage of your time is spent in energizing versus draining activities?

►What responsibilities could you delegate?

►What qualities and skills have contributed to your success?

►Which qualities or behaviors are getting in your way? How?

►What gives your work meaning? What do you want more of?

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